Here Under the Stars (All 75 of them)



imagine Tonks and Lupin in bed, and he’s the little spoon and he turns round to kiss her only to find she’s metamorphasized her face into Snape’s and he screams and she laughs so hard she falls out the bed

I literally think about this post all the time.


idk man there’s just something really flattering about people who acknowledge your existence even when you’re not with them


George R. R. Martin… wisdom at its finest

Shakespeare: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars
John Green: Bitch it might be

Fragmented Sculptures Convey Powerful Strength

Edge Sculpture website

This striking collection of contemporary sculptures is filled with a powerful strength conveyed through dramatic gestures and unique forms. Entitled Edge Sculpture, the collection was designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley, the Creative Director of Robert Harrop Designs. The series includes a variety of animals, humans, and mythical creatures ranging from a Cobra to a penguin, a dragon, a unicorn, and a warrior.


#tonycampolo #shaneclaiborne #radicalsubversive #loveyourenemies #sermononthemount


#tonycampolo #shaneclaiborne #radicalsubversive #loveyourenemies #sermononthemount

The most remarkable thing about the Pope is that what he is doing should not be remarkable. He is simply doing what Popes and Christians should do – care for the poor, critique inequity, interrupt injustice, surprise the world with grace, include the excluded and challenge the entitled.
Shane Claiborne (via frolicwithpurpose)


How can you worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday? -Shane Claiborne

Thinking about finding a job after graduation


2004 Avril Lavigne lyrics vs. 2014 Avril Lavigne lyrics


fuck all of your lives


fuck all of your lives